Raga Malkauns (Malkosh) or Hindolam - Learn to sing with notes Aroh, Avaroh, Rasa


Raga Malkauns (a.k.a Malkosh) is a very popular raga in the North Indian System (Hindustani Classical Music). In the South it is known as Hindolam. It is a pentatonic raga that has five notes Sa, Ga(k), Ma, Dha(k), and Nn(k). One would think that with so many komal (flat) notes, it would have a strong minor quality about it. However, upon close examination we see that the absence of the fifth and the strong presence of the fourth causes the mind to "invert" it. Therefore, it tends to sound surprisingly similar to Dhani to which it has a murchana relationship.

Which Thaat does Raga Malkauns belong To?
Bhairavi Learn more about Thaats here

Which Swara is Vaadi (Prominent) Swara?
Ma (Madhyam)

Which Swara is Samvaadi (Second most prominent) Swara?
Sa (Shadaj)

Which Jaati does Raga Malkauns belong to?
Audhav - Audhav Learn more about Jaati here

Which Swaras are prohibited (Vergit) in Raga Malkauns?
Re (Reshabh) and Pa (Pancham)

In which prahara is Raga Malkauns sung?
Prahar 3 Learn more about Prahara here

What is the Rasa for Raga Malkauns?
Gambhir Learn more about Rasa (Mood) here

Learn to Sing Raga Malkauns
Sa Ga- Ma Dha- Ne- SA

SA Ne- Dha- Ma Ga- Sa

Pakad - Identification of Raga
dha- ne- Sa Ma Ma Ga- Ma Ga- SA

Ma Ga- Sa ne- Sa dha- ne- Sa Ga- Ma Ma Ga- Ma Dha- Ne- SA Ne- Dha- SA Ne- Dha- Ma Ga- Sa

Ga- Ma Dha- Ne- SA SA SA Dha- Ne- Ne- SA MA GA- SA GA- SA Ne- SA Ne- Dha- Ne- Dha- Ma Dha- Ma Ga- Ma Ga- Sa

Lakshan Geet
Nanda ke chela dheet langarwa
Mori baiyan pakar aaj daye kyon
Aawat jawat kar pakarat hai
Gari Dungi thurkawa tohe
Kavan kaaj man harva daaye kyon

Which bollywood songs are taken from Raga Malkauns?
Man Tarpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj Baiju Bawra
Aadha Hai Chandrama Raat Aadhi Navrang
Chham Chham Ghunghroo Bole Kaajal