Raga Yaman with Saragam, Notes, Bandhish and Lakshan Geet with Pdf Download

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Raga Yaman uses all seven swaras, 
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa
In Yaman Raga Ma is tivra so we write it as MA. Rest all other swaras are shudh/natural. 

Important!! (Notation)

Capital Letter: High Notes
Exclamation Mark (!) means longer notes.



Time of Day


Ni Re Ga MA Dha Ni Sa


SA Ni Dha Pa, MA Ga Re Sa


Ne Dha! Pa MA Pa Ga MA Pa!! Pa MA Ga Re, 
Ni Re Ga Re Ga MA Pa Dha Pa MA Ga Re Ga Re Sa! 
Ni Re Ga MA Dha Ni RE GA RE SA Ni Dha Pa MA Ga MA


Ga Ga Pa Dha Pa SA! SA Ni RE GA RE SA Ni Dha Pa,
GA RE SA Ni Dha Pa Ni Dha Pa MA Ga Re Ga Re Sa!,
Ni Re Ga MA Dha Ni RE GA RE SA Ni Dha Pa MA Ga Ma


Giridhar Madhav Shyam Manohar
Prakatat Gokul Vimal Nanddhar - Antara
Ati Anand Pulak Narnaari
Bhag Sarahat Har Madnaari
Vasat Prem Nita Vilasat Tehi Dhar (1)

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